Professional transcription services for professional workers

It has increasingly become a trend to record the proceedings of various official events in an audio and video form so that reference at a later stage is easier. However, companies do not wish to keep only an audio or video record and prefer getting the proceedings documented into a written copy. For this purpose, which is called transcribing, companies hire the services of professional transcription companies. These organizations consist of experienced members who can convert recorded files into transcribed documents within the time frame of industry standards. Hiring transcription services has become increasingly popular as companies who indulge in such activities find it easier to review the transcribed material. It also provides more accuracy about the proceedings and its important details.

Our transcription services company also offers our professional expertise to organizations that are in need of people who can transcribe their recorded audio or video files. From writing down and noting important points in shorthand, which was the method used around the 1970s, technology has come a long way in providing better and more efficient methods to make such kind of tasks possible. Our transcription company too makes use of all the latest technology which helps us in getting almost anything transcribed at very rapid speed.

Although our company caters to a wide variety of clients and we entertain many companies as our esteemed customers, on a broad level, our range of services can be classified under three heads. We provide transcription services to business, legal companies or law firms and medical companies. Medical transcriptions are gaining momentum and more doctors prefer recording details of their patients or of medical procedures either in the audio format or in video mode. Later they hire the services of a transcriber i.e. a company like ours to convert the file into the written format. This makes maintaining patient records easier and doctors are able to retain critical and important information about the medical history of a patient or about a procedure in a more efficient manner.

Law firms too prefer to record the legal proceedings of record their observations about a law suit on a cassette or on a camcorder, with the consent of the parties involved and get it transcribed later from a company like ours. Business houses and corporate firms usually record the interviews they conduct during a hiring process or when they conduct employee appraisals or when they prepare a case for market research. Real time text can also be transcribed which is a service normally used when there is a need for subtitles or captions.

The purpose behind hiring transcription services is to maintain accuracy of information and gain better insight into the process involved. Many more industries are realizing the benefits of getting their official files and records on tape and then transcribed later. We guarantee the best level of quality in our work and we are confident that our company will not be able to maintain confidentiality of information that is sensitive in nature but also provide better efficiency and effectiveness.